Saturday, October 30, 2010

Starcraft 2

Yes, I may be a little late to the game for Starcraft 2, as I only did play it this month, but it still deserves an overlook.

Starcraft 2 was over a decade late to the store, leaving the big question of if it's standing up to the hype.  The answer?  For the most part, yes.  The game has been updated to 3D graphics that look amazing on Ultra settings, though the majority of people will probably game on Medium, which still looks great.  The story is actually interactive, a huge change from the simple "briefing" from the first game.  How often do you get to say you were actually involved in the story of an RTS?  All the units from the first game make a return (though only in the campaign) and the new units added work well with the story you follow.  Overall, the campaign totals 29 missions, some of which are choices, but you are given to opportunity to still play both choices in an option.

One of the grievances I hear is that Blizzard sold out by making the game into three separate packages.  Given the huge amount of developing time, I tend to agree with the annoyance, but I will say that Wings of Liberty (the subtitle of Starcraft 2) has more than enough to constitute a full game.  The other two expansions, one for the zerg campaign and the other for the protoss, will probably come out in around two years time because hey, it's still Blizzard.  Nevertheless, SC2 did not disappoint me and if you liked the original game or just RTS style games, I suggest you give it a shot.

One of my lady friends who also games voiced her opinion that console games are superior to PC ones.  Eh, it depends on the genre.  RTS games should stay on the PC, while FPS games and the like I am personally more comfortable on the console, though I suppose PC versions would work just fine, assuming you have enough money to keep your PC updated.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It Begins

Greetings everyone!  This shall be a blog of the three main frustrations (and necessities) in life.  I'll mainly be posting my opinions sewed in with several facts in each of the categories, showing my ways of handling the three daily "activities."  Did a certain woman piss you off?  Chill out with some video games!  Is the existence of math the bane of your existence?  Head to a bar and have some fun!